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Bracciano A27 Wheelset


5.0 average, based on 18 reviews

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New 2014 stock is here now!  All Shimano compatible Bracciano stock purchased from today 09/05/2013 is now Shimano 11sp compatible.  We include a spacer for those riders using 8/9/10 speed, great news is you can buy your Bracciano now and transfer them onto a future bike.  The good news for riders with older stock is that you just need to swap the freehub to change to 11sp in the future, we have the parts for this on hand.


We've secured a stock of Shimano Ultegra 10sp 6700 cassettes, these are compatible with any 10sp Shimano groupset (105, Dura-Ace and Ultegra).  With a small RD adjustment can also be used on a 10sp SRAM bike.  If  you'd like one of these, ask us about it when we call to confirm your web order or place a comment at the check-out as to which ratio you'd like.  We generally have stock of 11-28 and 12-25.  They are $75 and we will gladly install it for you if required at no extra cost (the right way, with a torque wrench).  Please note we don't include the cassette in your total for free freight, its simply a value-add service for those people who don't have easy access to a cassette or the tools to install it.  If you'd like to send us your existing cassette, as long as its clean we'll gladly install it for you and send your wheels out ready to ride for no extra cost.

The Pro-Lite Bracciano has won the road wheel shoot out in UK Cycling Plus magazine.  Despite being one of the cheapest wheels on test they won out against the competition.

Bracciano uses the same hub as our popular Stelvio model, but with a more shallow rim and lighter spokes.  The end result is a wheel durable enough to train on and light enough to win with.

Similar to Fulcrum Racing Zero, Roval Echappee, Zipp Team Issue & Campagnolo Eurus.

  • Super light Alloy 6066 material, Flash Welding.
  • 27 mm profile for superior aerodynamic performance.
  • 2 in front hub, 5 in rear hub angular contact bearing (Japanese EZO)
  • Available for Campagnolo or Shimano freehub bodies
  • 20 Spoke Front, 24 Spoke Rear.
  • PRO-LITE double butted stainless aero spoke.
  • Alloy T73 nipple.
  • 100% built by hand.
  • Non-Drive Side Spoke Braces now included standard for no extra cost, these were a special order for Australia.  Most other markets don't have these braces yet!

All Pro-Lite wheels are hand built from our cheapest training wheel to our most expensive Carbon models. Please view the below video to watch how our wheels are built.


Weight: Front 618 g / Rear 864 g

Please consider including the optional Pro-Lite Brake Pads.  Although this wheelset is compatible with ANY brake pad, the Pro-Lite pads will offer you maximum braking performance in all weather conditions combined with minimal wear on the braking surface of your rims.  Since pads are a lot cheaper than rims, we think they are a great investment!  If you select this option you will be sent a full set of pads for the front and rear of your bike.  If you need extras they can be purchased in our "Wheel Accessories" section.


Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

3 years later....

I have just clocked three years on my Braccianos. They are on my only road bike, a 4yo Wilier run by Ultegra. And I am about 75kgs. The wheels have done about 8000 ks. They have been ridden hard (not because I am a hard man, just a function of the Sydneyland and Brisvegas pave) and have never needed truing. Mated with GP4000s they gave been superb. They spin up quick, are stiff when I pull out my Greipel. I am really impressed - at the price I got them at I figured I'd get half as long out of them, but I have no intention of upgrading them. Best money I have spent on my bike. (Jan 11 2015, 18:26 pm)

Sweet Wheels

These wheels are incredible for the price..I have ridden on Zipp 303, Durace 7850-24...I would rate these A27's equal to or better than most wheels I have used in terms of rolling and climbing...So good I just bought a 2nd set... (Sep 17 2014, 16:50 pm)

Upgrade now!

Fitted these on a re-build project, and find it hard to believe just how good they roll! Solid construction, without the weight, no fuss ordering & prompt delivery have made my buying experience a great on - seriously buying another set for another bike ... thanks Pro-Lite. (Jul 30 2014, 21:44 pm)

The wheels are quick to spin up to speed and have no trouble maintaining speed on the flats or in a bunch.

Hi Deon. After a couple of months with my Bracciano A27's I wanted to give you guys some feedback on the wheels. I was initially surprised by how thin the rims were compared to my previous Fulcrum rims! However, fitting a set of Conti GP4000s's was super easy (minus the pinch flat I had on one tube - my fault!) and I had them ready to go on the bike in no time. A quick brake adjustment had them set up and ready to roll. Speaking of rolling, the rims were true out of the box and still are after 2 months. The wheels are quick to spin up to speed and have no trouble maintaining speed on the flats or in a bunch. They have been stiff and have experienced no flex under acceleration. I've found they really excel when it comes to climbing. I've managed to chop time off all of the climbs I have logged around the Canberra area. This has been especially noticeable during club races around some of our tricky and technical routes that we go around. All in all, these have been a fantastic wheelset and can't be beat for quality and price. I'm looking forward to picking up a set of A42's after tax time! Cheers, Richard (Jun 24 2014, 11:53 am)

These roll for ages

I recently bought these wheels to replace my heavier DT Swiss R1850s. I thought my DT Swiss wheels rolled amazing, these Bracciano's made the DT Swiss feel like boat anchors in comparison. The A27's just roll forever. I thought some of these other reviews were exaggerating when they mentioned how good they rolled, but true to their word they are spot on. Less effort required to get them to spin and maintain speed, and the spin nicely up hills which in turn has improved my strava times with no other changes to my regular riding regime. I have also bought the A42's to try for my flat, fast runs and am keen to see how well these go at holding speed. If you are looking for a light, fast and well built set of wheels that does not break the bank, look no further than these wheels as a perfect all rounder for your riding. (May 15 2014, 14:32 pm)
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